Leo Villegas, MD Hepatobiliary & Surgical Oncology

Medical Education

Dr. Villegas received his medical degree at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina and also trained in general surgery, hepatobiliary surgery and liver transplantation in his native country. He initiated his U.S. surgical training at Harvard Medical School in Boston and completed his general surgery training at the University of Missouri in Kansas City. He also completed a two-year hepatobiliary and surgical oncology fellowship at Duke University Medical Center.

Dr. Villegas has advanced surgical training in:

  • Liver tumors: benign tumors, cyst, liver metastases and hepatocellular carcinoma
  • Gallbladder Inflammation (cholecystitis), gallstones and gallbladder tumors
  • Bile duct tumors (cholangiocarcinomas)
  • Pancreas cysts and tumors
  • Neuroendocrine tumors
  • Colon tumors
  • Gastric, small and large intestine tumors
  • Retroperitoneal sarcomas

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Medical Interests

Dr. Villegas conducted research at Duke University in the field of laparoscopy and the application of robotics to minimal invasive surgery. Dr. Villegas will utilize his specialized training in laparoscopic surgery to ensure that patients undergo the least invasive procedure possible.

Dr. Villegas' surgical capabilities:

  • Liver Resection: open and laparoscopic
  • Liver tumor ablation, radiofrequency ablation
  • Cholecystectomy: open and laparoscopic
  • Gastric and biliary bypass
  • Pancreatic resection: open and laparoscopic
  • Whipple procedure
  • Palliative surgery
  • Cytoreductive and debulking surgery
  • Gastrectomies
  • Colectomy: open and laparoscopic
  • Bowel resection: open and laparoscopic
  • Surgical feeding tubes
  • Diagnostic and staging laparoscopy
  • Intraoperative ultrasound